NutriSystem Food Clearance - Does This Ever Happen?

I often receive emails which tell me that the writer has made the decision to go with the NutriSystem diet, but they are waiting for the "vclearance" and they want to know when this occurs. When I ask open ended questions to try to determine what they mean, I'm often told that the writers perceive that there are certain times of the year where the company sells discontinued or overstocked food at a huge discount or on clearance. Or, they think that there is one time of the year where there is a huge sell off or "above and beyond" discounts offered. Sometimes they think that there are third party dealers that are able to sell the food at a discount.

These perceptions are not really the reality, although there certainly are ways to save huge amounts of money on this diet's food, which I will discuss more in the following article.

The Best NutriSystem Discounts: First off, I have to say that I can't think of any time where the company put discontinued or overstocked food on clearance. I honestly don't think there is overstocked food and when the items are discontinued (which is pretty rare) it just stops being offered and something else takes it place. There is usually very little fanfare about this. Also, the company only sells the food itself, on it's website and in a few clinics around the country. Although third parties can offer coupons, they are not who is selling the food.

What happens instead is that the company will typically rotate very generous discounts and incentives. Often, what will fluctuate is whether it is free food offered (anywhere from 2 -3 weeks), or $50 - $100 dollars off, or both. Now, to get the very best deal, you will typically need to sign on for auto shipping. What this means is that you are ordering your food by the month and you are allowing the company to automatically ship it to your when your order is up. Although you can change this at any time, they will often offer you not only the very generous discounts that are running at the time (and the best of the bunch too), but also 10% and free shipping on future orders. And it's often the best incentives that are offered with auto ship (like the $100 off or the 3 weeks of free food.)

If you are not sure that you are going to be on the diet for enough weeks that auto ship makes sense, (you can figure this out considering that most people lose 2-3 pounds per week,) then you will likely still want to go month to month rather than buying the foods individually. The reason for this is that usually the biggest and best coupons (like $50 off and up or some weeks worth of free food) are reserved for the monthly packages.

The company does sell the foods individually, by the week, or a la carte, but you often (if ever) can not use the good coupon codes for this so you will actually be paying a good deal more per meal. Of course, if you care about evaluating the foods rather than what you are spending, there are always exceptions to what makes the most sense.

I hope this article has shown you that there's no optimal time to buy NutriSystem foods in terms of money savings or "clearance periods." There are always coupons and discounts available and these rotate throughout the year. So your best bet once you decide to move forward and have made the commitment to get started is probably to look for the latest NutriSystem coupons rather than waiting for a clearance that rarely if ever comes and risking losing your resolve or delaying your progress.

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