Mrs. Terry's Class News!

Our Week Ahead

Hello Parents!

We are having a blast already this week! Today we experimented with how water can show that air takes up space. This is a tricky concept, but we made a start. The homemade water fountain ended science in a fit of giggles. We will review tomorrow a bit, but it might make a fun conversation topic around the dinner table.

Below are important pieces of information and date changes.

Fieldtrip Revision and Updates

  • Air Toys in - house fieldtrip is Wednesday afternoon
  • Salmon Release fieldtrip to support 4th grade is next Tuesday at 10:50
  • Our fieldtrip to Mercer Slough is on Tuesday 4/12 from 10-1

Science Fair Due

  • Science fair project sign ups are due. If you want to participate in this year's science fair please find the form in your Friday folder and return ASAP! This is a fun event for all grades and a great chance for your scientist to show off their skills. Might I suggest a trip to Steve Spangler's Sick Science? It is my favorite site for Science Fair ideas.

Spring Conferences

  • I am available over the next few weeks for optional and informal conferences. I would love to meet with you to go over your child's progress. Please email me and we will find a convenient time.

Questions Guiding Our Learning This Week

Reading: What is the author's purpose for writing a book or piece of text? Is it to inform or entertain? What evidence can be found in the book to support our ideas?

Science: How can water be used to show that air takes up space? How can air be used to propel objects?

Math: Can I find the unknown number in an equation? Can I make both sides of the equal sign balanced? Can I add three numbers together accurately?

Writing: How can I add details to my character and setting? Can I incorporate dialogue?

Aahil is our Star Student!

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