6th Grade Survival Guide

By: Brooke Smith

Welcome !

Welcome to 6th grade ! This is the best year of my school years, you get a lot of more freedom then elementary school. You get a whole much more choices at lunch and you can chew gum if you want. 6th grade is a lot of easier then you think the work is really easy, so don't stress out just relax.


How to not get a strike :

  • Be respectful to the teacher
  • Don't talk when a teacher or student is talking
  • Don't play around in the hallways
  • Be prepared for class
  • Don't forget your chrome book or trapper/binder
  • Turn in work on time
  • Don't forget your work in your locker
  • Don't talk back to the teacher
  • Don't disrupt the class
  • Follow directions on the board in the beginning of class

Chromebook care

Don't eat or drink around your chrome book it could ruin it if something got spilled on it. Don't put heavy objects on it. Always charge your chrome book over night, and don't forget it at home. Treat your chrome book like it's your baby, your chrome book cost a ton of money, and if you damage it and they can't get it to work you have to pay for it.


A tardy is when the bell rang and your late to class, you get this paper slip thing and you take it to the office and they mark you down as a tardy. The first tardy you get is a warning, the second one is lunch detention, the third one is you get 2 lunch detention, then you get ISS on your 4th one.

Hallways, and the bell

The hallways are really crowded, but that doesn't mean that you can push people down. You have 3 minutes to get to your next class, to use the bathroom, get a drink, and get stuff from your locker. Don't run in the hallways, walk instead. Don't stand around and talk with your friends, if you do you can get a tardy.