Industry Growth In The 19th Century

Industrial Revolution in the Nortern United States


In the 1800’s the United States experienced a Transportation Revolution wich was convienietnt for travels. One change was the railroad systems, they made on-land travel easier for travelers. Another change was the use of steamboats that were often used to ship goods across the oceans and also to move people from one place to another. This development was an important role in industrial revolution. "As a result of these transportation and travel developments the economy surged forward and major cities began to grow in the 1800’s." Unit 8 DOF: The Transportation Revolution.
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Manufacturing and Indusrty

In the 1800's a new generation introduced factories, with machines and predetermined tasks, producing items to be shipped and sold elsewhere. One great change in this new generation was the opportunity that factory work gave to young women. This change gave many women jobs and the chance to be independent. "During the first half of the 1800’s American Industry in the North was truly born." The Development of the industrial North During the 19th Century.
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Working conditions in the Factories

As women would work in the factories they would write about how life in the factories were like. Many women wrote about the either tough or easy working conditions in the factories. One Lowell mill girl, Mary Paul, stated in one of her letters, "My life and health are spared while others are cut off. Last Thursday one girl fell down and broke her neck, which caused instant death." This shows how some of the working conditions were tough for some workers in the factories.
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