Kindergarten News

Week of March 30-April 3

What A Fun Week!

Monday-In writing, we wrote about our weekend plans. Students are doing a great job of adding more details to their sentences to make it exciting writing! We also did a lesson on beginning, middle, and end. We read Miss Nelson is Missing and talked about what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of story. We are continuing to make predictions about the stories we read. In math, we did a pattern block puzzle where students had to make the shape and count the blocks. They did a great job!

Tuesday-Today on the laptops we visited to practice our literacy and math skills. We also finished up our third nine weeks assessments! Mrs. Joyner also visited our classroom for her weekly guidance lesson. She introduced Arehart Owl and students practiced their listening ears.

Wednesday-We had our annual water balloon toss for our Jump Rope For Heart celebration! All students had a great time! We also created our own spring break and students also read it to each other. We continued with our beginning, middle, and end by reading a fairy tale. Students are doing a great job of understanding beginning, middle, and end. We are continuing to practice this when we share our stories during morning meeting.

Thursday- In writing, we created our own non-fiction books. Students chose a topic and then began making their cover page and first page of writing. The topics included chefs, cheetahs, and baseball. We are so excited to continue these after spring break. In the wonder lounge, we explored literacy and fairy tales apps.

Friday- Happy Friday! We had a buddy talk with third grade today. Because of the weather, we stayed inside and practiced asking and answering questions. We enjoyed our time with our third grade friends. We also read our non-fiction Let's Find Out about how animals stay away from predators. In math, we had fun completing a Jelly Bean graph.

Upcoming Events

April 6-10-Spring Break-No School for Students!

Glow Run!

The Glow Run is a fun run celebration that caps off running club and is our big Spring fundraiser. Please take a moment to consider how you can help make this event a success.

Raz Kids--Feel Free to Practice Reading and Comprehension During Spring Break