GCS Elementary Library

What's Happening in the Library #1

Fifth Grade

5th grade has started the year off quickly. We have reviewed library rules, AR procedures and Grace Readers. We have looked at the Grace Website to see what resources are available. We learned that we can access World Book Online (to help with Mammal research), the Grace Reader List and also the Library Card Catalog.

Fourth Grade

Library Rules and AR Procedures have been covered during 4th grade library. The students have also been given more control of their Grace Reader Folders--they get to initial their own folders now when they have read and tested on a book. We are looking at new series for 4th graders to read. Many of the 4th graders were shocked to find out that there were more than Magic Tree House and Geronimo Stilton Books in the Library. Mallory, Hank Zipzer and Red Rock Mysteries have been new favorites. We have also watched Chocolate Fever.

Third Grade

Big changes happen in 3rd Grade library--You don't get to turn in your books until you finish and take an AR test on them. This is real shock until they realize they get to come to the library on nonlibrary days and switch their books. They LOVE this! We are also learning how to find Grace Readers on the library shelves--they just don't jump off. Parts of books will be covered next in Third Grade.

Link to Grace Reader List

Second Grade

Second grade has started off with a bang. We began our year off reviewing library procedures--then quickly checked out state books to do a state project. Second graders were introduced to Worldbook Online and our digital books at Marshall Cavendish to help with this project. Check out the elementary website to find out more about these resources.

First Grade

The best part of first grade library is getting to check out books and take them home. We have learned the proper way to care for our books and we have also learned to keep one book in our desk and one book in our backpack--that way we can always get new books!! First Graders are also learning about Call Numbers (the books address) and how to put books back correctly on the shelf. Mrs. Green stresses that "I won't hang you up by your ears" if your forget your book--you just won't get a new one until the next week.

Kindergarten Library

Kindergarten library meets every other week. We don't check out books to take home but have a story-time that enriches the classroom curriculum. We have talked about books, homes and apples. The best part of our apple week is finding the star in the middle of an apple, eating apples and playing an apple game on the iPad. When an iPad activity is introduced during library, the students will get to use the iPads during Center Time the next week.