Andrew Jackson

What Makes A Zero

In The Begining

Jackson was born to working class immigrants who didn't have much education opportunities. With every chance he got, he was slowly getting his schooling to become someone powerful. Not only did Jackson achieve his goal, he was elected president by the people who thought he was just like them. Jackson was the original tale of an American who started from the bottom and got to the top.

His Presidency

For a common man deal about , he did learn a great deal about politics. He was elected because Jackson was thought to be reasonable like the other citizens who admired him for being just like them. What they didn't know was that he didn't see eye-to-eye with certain people. He was corrupt and shouldn't have been president. Jackson was good for a time and slowly he slipped and failed to do as a president was supposed to by abusing power, killing thousands and making extra bias opinions with no conscience.

Why He Was a Zero

The Nullification Crises of 1828

During Jackson's Presidency, he passed 2 tariffs that the North benefited more from than the South. The South(South Carolina) refused to pay the tax claiming it to be within states rights power. The South threatened to secede from the union, because the tariff seemed unfair, and in turn, Jackson used a Force Bill that allowed Jackson to use the army to convince South Carolina otherwise. After the commotion died down, Jackson closed down the National bank, because he thought it was unfair that it only gave loans to the upper-class men and not any of the lower-class white males. When he finale left presidency, theecomomy plummeted and the next president had to fix his mistake.
This cartoon shows the difference in power between the North and the South after they threatened to secede. The elephant man are the Northerners who get the money from tariffs because of trading, so they become rich and haughty, while the Southerners are still working class that are now losing money because of their heavy reliance on foreign products.

Trail of Tears

Before Jackson had control over the situation, the Cherokee Indians lived peacefully on their land in Georgia and parts of North and South Carolina. The Indians tried to live as Americans while adapting to their lifestyles and sending children to school, but some men decided to look for gold in the Cherokee's land. Greed and lust for gold overtook Jackson and forced them to move to modern day Oklahoma where many died on the way there.

Abuse of Power

Andrew Jackson was considered a great leader in some ways and in others, not so much. He abused his power to veto bills like a king and was nicknamed King Jackson. Jackson had no respect for the constitution and thus it all went to his head. He basically shot down anyone who would oppose his authority and as a result, his selfishness and greed got the better of him, his nation, and his political status.