Third Grade with Mrs. Cass

Week of 9/19-9/23


1/2 Day: Monday September 19th

Picture Day: Thursday September 22nd

Book Order Due : Friday September 23rd

I would like to say thank you to everyone who sent in the forms to volunteer in the classroom. I will be contacting you individually if you signed up to volunteer for something in the classroom.

Last week we started using ClassDojo. I have had amazing feedback from you and the students! I am excited to use this program.


This week we are finishing our strategies in how to create mental images when we read. We will also talk about how to make different connections before, during and after we read a story.


We will be discussing the commutative property in Math this week. Last week we made the connection of how multiplication and division have fact families just like addition and subtraction have fact families. We are going to start the week by providing evidence using the array model to show how the commutative property works.


We are going to continue to learn about different types of hooks that can be used in our writing. Every student is creating four different hooks for the beginning of their personal narrative. At the end of the week they will share their hooks and choose the one they like the best for their personal narrative.


This week is all about observations and finding evidence to support our claims. We are starting the week by studying variations among birds.

Social Studies

Last week we discussed our region, New England. This week we are going to look at it on a map to help us with our map skills. We will then apply our new knowledge and assess a map of surrounding towns.