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Week of November 9th

How is Our Next Class Shaping Up - by the numbers

Thank you to our amazing volunteers: Naga Seshadri, Priya Merchant, Shari Foster, Allison Kent, Kevin Wells, Robert Gore, Angela Mcgregor, Mohit Chandiramani, Aditi Shukla, Divya Kaveria, Bruce Ward, Jess Pultz, Bhavik Shah, Mitali Drews, John Kinnel, Matt Amodio, Ed Reed, Dan Mishkin, Dmitriy Itkin, Jake Levine, Karan Soman
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Upcoming Assessment Centre Days

Please let Jessica Brosnan know if you'd like to volunteer to help out with ACD! They are on Fridays, from 8:30AM - 1:30PM.
  • 11/13: 32 candidates
  • 11/20: 32 candidates
  • 12/04: 16 candidates

Barnard Coffee Chat

Our OCR team has already started recruiting for the spring semester! Let our team leads know if you are interested in helping out with their respective schools.

Our first event was a coffee chat held at Barnard on 11/09. Over 50 undergraduates showed up for the event; what an amazing turn out of students wanting to learn more about the ATP program. Thanks so much to Nadia Abedi & Rayna Gittelman for being there to answer all their questions!

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