How awesome where these scientists

By Zachary Jordon

James Watson and Francis Crick

James Watson and Francis Crick

died and born

James Watson was born on April 6,1928 and he is still alive today.And Crick was born June 8,1916 and died July 28,2004.


James Watson got married to Elizabeth Watson. \And Francis Crick got married to Ruth Dodd. James Watson in the summer of 1943 had a experiment four years college.Francis Crick went to school at University college at London. James Watson school was at Chicago.

Crick and Watson

Crick and Watson used there findings in there own research. James Watson and Francis Crick solved the stucture of DNA when the war eneded.

Working togeather

They both worked together. And that James Watson was bought.And that James Watson is still alive.