Welcome To Miss Kehrt's Classroom !

1st Grade

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About Me

Hello, my name is Lindsey Kehrt and I am going to be your child’s first grade teacher this year! I am a graduate of Ball State University with a concentration in Reading. I love to be outdoors and play all kinds of sports with my friends and family. I am also an animal lover. I am so excited to be able to get to know and work with your children this year!

My Vision

I believe that every student learns in his or her own way. So throughout the school year I will make sure to recognize each of your child’s individual learning styles and address your child’s needs. Some different ways that I can help each child learn is by using a variety of learning strategies. These strategies may include but not be limited to: hands on learning, visual learning, verbal learning, and aural learning which is a learning style where students learn through listening.

Stepping In The Right Direction With Child Guidance

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Classroom Environment

Inspiring Spaces for Young Children
Being a teacher means challenging our students in new and creative ways to help them learn and grow. Without technology in the classroom this idea cannot even come close to being met. To meet the growing needs of students today technology is a necessity!
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To The Parents..

Being able to have a partnership with you the parents is very important to me as your child’s teacher. The number one way for us to do that is through open communication. Our classroom will always be open to volunteers. So please contact me whenever you would like or if you have any question!