Gandhi Remembrance

The Life of Mohandas Gandhi

Who was Gandhi?

Gandhi was the prime leader of Indian independence, and led revolutions against the British. Unlike many protests and rebellions, Gandhi got his point across by using peaceful acts. For example he had a civil disobedience campaign from 1919-1922 where he and some followers marched along a specific route and Gandhi led prayers, and performed speeches. Gandhi did this to call attention to the problem and try to get followers. Also, in 1930, Gandhi led a 200 mile march to the Arabian sea to collect salt in protest against the British government. He carried out this march because the British had a salt act that took away Indians right to collect or sell salt. Lastly, in 1946, Gandhi promoted the Cabinet Mission. The Cabinet Mission was a guideline for a new constitution for India. These are three examples that show some of Gandhi's peaceful acts.


Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

How were their legacy Similar?

Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. (or MLK) were two very similar atavists that used peaceful acts.

  • First of all, they both gave many speeches that spoke out against what they were fighting. MLK is known for a very famous speech, I Have A Dream, and Gandhi is also known for having a famous speech called the Quit India movement, which fought against British rule.
  • Second of all, they both led powerful boycotts. In 1955 MLK led a famous boycott called the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which took place for over a year. During this most African-Americans, in Alabama, refused to ride city buses. Gandhi also led a powerful boycott were he and his followers refused to buy British goods or use British service. During this, Gandhi created his own cloths.
  • Third of all, both of these leaders have served time in jail. In 1963 MLK was arrested and put in jail for protesting. In 1922, Gandhi was arrested for trying to overthrough the government.
  • Fourth of all, both MLK and Gandhi wrote leaders. MLK wrote a famous leader called Letter from Birmingham City Jail. This talked about peaceful plans for the Civil Rights Movement. Gandhi wrote many letters during his time, one of which was to Hitler. In this letter he told Hitler war is not the answer.
  • Fifth of all, they were both assassinated by people who disagreed with the changes they made. MLK was killed by James Earl Ray. Gandhi was killed by a Hindu extremest.