Sneaky Scamers

By: Coriana Lowery

Some ways to know you are getting scammed.

The one way to know someone is scaming you is

spelling something wrong, asking for your password, gmail, personal questions, if it says you win a $1,000,000 (to good to be true), credit card #, and etc...

Online shopping scams.

There are also different types of scamming like,you could win a iphone 5 if you give us your credit card # and password, and the one that is most used is , $15 for a iphone five and $25 for a ipad! Just give us your name,# ,credit card # , and gmail.

How to avoid scams.

There are 10 steps that I am going to tell you just keep reading and you will see. 1.Save the message. 2.Try to find the messanger. 3.Report them. 4. Download a microsoft cleaner. 5. Send money to them. 5.Wire the money. 6.If you see a unreconized payment contact your bank right away. 7.Remember to check your social cites to make sure no one hacked your account.8.In the aftermath of a disaster, give to an established charity, rather than one that has sprung up overnight. 9.If someone contacts you with low-risk, high-return investment opportunities, stay away, when you hear pitches that insist you act now, that guarantee big profits, that promise little or no financial risk, or that demand that you send cash immediately, report them at 10. And block them.


Sneaky Scams Commercial by Beanie