Albert Einstein

By M. Murcia

May 2016

Early life

Albert Einstein was born on the 14th of March,1879.According to he was born in Germany to a Jewish family.He also teaches at Berlin,Germany but when he was living there the Nazis were gonna invade Berlin,Germany and he was Jewish so he was endangered because Nazis hated jews. So later on in 1933 he moved to Princeton new jersey .When he moved to Princeton new jersey he got married to a girl named mileavea and had two sons.


Albert Einstein career was a scientist and inventor he loved them both.He also teached in Berlin,Germany.In WW2 he helped build atomic bombs which he invented with the army.


He produced the most famous equation E=mc2 and won the nobel prize in 1921. He succeeded at being a physicist and he helped build the fist 2 atomic bombs and with those he help WW2.He won alot of awards for science too.


when he was little his teachers didn't think much of him.when he was a teacher in Berlin,Germany the food was scarce. he didn't finish college in Switzerland so he didn't get his full college.
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