Bennett Nation Team Recognition

December 2015

Dear Bennett Nation -

Happy 2016! I have no doubt this will be our biggest and best year ever. As I reflect back on all of the promotions and blessings of 2015 I am filled with gratitude for each of you. The lives you are changing...starting with your own. My hashtag for this year will be #beEpic. I will live this year in all the best ways, my faith, family, friendships and of course my business. I hope you will join me and find your word or hashtag for 2016 (or use mine).

Congratulations on a fabulous December and strong close to the year. You have so much to be proud of and we have so much to look forward to!

District Managers in Qualification

Klaus Grimm

Kristin Carver

Chantelle Ewing

Hayley Carpenter

Jenny Bishop

Jamie Zunini

Joy Aud

Michelle Grabau

Victoria Madrigal

Cathy Lapi

Sarah Romero

Chandre Tindel

Kristen Dorn

Jeana Miller

Jalisa Sutherland

Jen Lukins

Renee Crouch

Kyle Garcia

Jessica Byerly

Lauren McGlaughlan

New District Managers

Heather West

Emmy Quinn

Temoca Dixon

Melanie Burriesce

Cynamon Heide

Ann McLaughlan

District Manager Bonus

Ashlee Albright

Kimberly Seifert

Megan del Rio

Morgan Crawford

Heather Zander

Kristina Dobler

Gina Beeg

Laura Uschyk

Elise Palma

Nancy Mc Sorley

Area Manager Bonus

Evelyn Bennett

Hillary Hess

Kristina Dobler

Regional Vice President Bonus

Kristina Dobler

Trifecta Bonus

Kristina Dobler

Top Sponsoring & Sales

Personal Sponsoring:

Laura Uschyk 7

Elise Palma 6

Sarah Romero 6

District Sponsoring:

Heather Zander 17

Kristina Dobler 13

Elise Palma 13

Kimberly Seifert 10

Area Sponsoring

Heather Zander 20

Evelyn Bennett 18

Elise Palma 17

Kristina Dobler 16

Gina Beeg 16

Top District Sales:

Kristina Dobler

Nancy Mcsorley

Morgan Crawford

Evelyn Bennett

Heather Zander

Top Area Sales:

Evelyn Bennett

Kristina Dobler

Hillary Hess

Gina Beeg

Strong Start Graduate

Stephanie Evans

Laura Uschyk

AIT 2016

Evelyn Bennett - Level 1

Gina Beeg - Level 1

Nancy McSorley - Level 1

Vision at the Vine Retreat

Evelyn Bennett - 1/2

Hillary Hess - 1/4

Kristina Dobler - 1/4

Ashlee Albright - 1/4

Kimberly Seifert 1/4

Gina Beeg - 1/4

Nancy McSorley - 1/4

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