AFL Techniques

Uses at JHNCC and BCCC

How is AFL used at John Henry Newman Catholic College

JHNCC use AFL across all subjects and throughout the course of a lesson.

5 Techniques I have observed

  • Think, Pair, Share!
  • STAR Moment
  • 2 Stars and a Wish
  • WWW and EBI
  • Thumbs

How AFL is used at Bishop Challoner Catholic College

Bishop Challoner also use AFL extensively though some techniques differ.

5 Techniques I have observed

  • Post-its
  • Ladders
  • WWW & EBI
  • One two review review
  • Think, pair, share!


Use of Ladders in Media

A technique I had never seen at my first placement, with a real effect on pupils progress in Media was the use of ladders (see image below).
Big image

The impact of ladders

The pupils have a clear concept of where they stand in terms of their progress through the course, their engagement with the mark scheme and what they must do to progress further.

The class teacher asks pupils to colour specific sections of the ladder. This can be done quietly or openly depending whether pupils are further ahead or behind, it is highly differentiated and allows pupils to take control of their own progress.

I thought this technique was effective and very useful and will definitely be applying this to my own classes and future planning.