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June 2018 - Vol. 7 Issue 3

Thinking BIG For Our Children

Arlene Bartlett, Principal of PS176

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Artwork by Brian Benjamin

"The Quiet Storm"

Mrs. Bartlett, thank you for 32 years of service to our community and children. Your tireless efforts left an incredible mark on so many students. We trust after your "pause" you will continue your quest of building a community of lifelong learners. Much love from your PS176 family.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

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CYCSI would like to congratulate the graduating students from the Class of 2018! We treasure many of the students who participated in our Afterschool Program through their time at PS176. These students served as role models to the successive students within the program and PS 176 school. They will be greatly missed.

Graduating Class of 2018 (Staff Edition)

We would also like to congratulate our CYCSI Team Members 2018 graduates. Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure our students are being enriched both academically and artistically. We wish them luck and encourage them to continue to do their best.
Congratulations to Leilah Camille, a seasonal staff member at CYCSI, who graduated from Medgar Evers College Preparatory School with both her diploma and an Associate's Degree. We commend her for her achievement and hope she continues to strive at the University of Albany this coming Fall, where she will be majoring in Pre-Medicine.
Another special congratulations to one of our former staff members Sharel Bagley, the daughter of the ex-Chairman of CYCSI, Mr. Herman Bagley, for graduating from his alma mater four years and two days after his death. Mr. Bagley was an outstanding member of the community and made significant contributions to our program. He contributed so much to so many in his lifetime and it was extremely unfortunate he passed so abruptly, as we know he had so much more to offer.

Science Fair 2018

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P.S. 176 participated in the District 29 science fair this year with all eyes on the prize. Our students competed with other schools to see which projects were the most creative and which ones most accurately portrayed the scientific method. This year, our students won many awards ranging from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade students. Congratulations to Janelle Burrowes (2nd Place Kindergarten), Jasmine McGeachy (3rd Place Kindergarten), Uriel Meadows-Elder (1st Place First Grade), Eyan Vidal (1st Place Second Grade), Atira Allen (1st Place Fourth Grade), Michael Faloye (2nd Place Fifth Grade), and Eden Marriot (3rd Place Fifth Grade) for all winning first, second or third place awards.

The Month of June by Sherique Murray

June is the sixth month of the year and the first month of summer; it’s also the month when schools in New York State let out for summer break. Like any month, it has its fair share of events.

June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage.

Birth flower: Rose, or Honeysuckle.

Birth stones: Pearl, Alexandrite, or Moonstone.

Significant people born in June:

Michael Phelps, 6\30\1985: this swimmer holds the all time record for winning the most Olympic medals (28).

Tim Burners-Lee, 6\8\1955: This computer scientist invented the World Wide Web.

Judy Garland, 6\10\1922: this actress and singer's most known role was Dorothy in the original Wizard of Oz.

The most known and celebrated June holiday is Father’s Day which takes place on the third Sunday of June.

National Best Friend’s Day on June 8 is less popular than Father’s Day but a similar holiday. This day is dedicated to showing appreciation for that important person in your life who you can share everything with and is almost like family.

There are also some odd and obscure holidays:

National Egg Day 6/3: A name that doesn't need much explaining. You can eat them scrambled, sunny side up, in an omelet, hard or soft boiled, over easy, devilled, in a frittata, or poached.

National Garfield the Cat Day, 6/19: this day is to commemorate the first Garfield comic strip, published June 19, 1978(forty years ago) by Jim Davis.

176 Afterschool Students Perform at UniverSoul Circus


Once again we were invited to perform at the 2018 UniverSoul Circus. This year the organization celebrated their 25th anniversary. We were thrilled to join the 25 years celebration of Fun Under the Big Top in Brooklyn. The theme of our performance this year was "Save the Arts", which focuses on combatting and preventing future budget cuts to performing arts programs. The students who performed included Olanre Oridota, Noel Boone, Morgan Harris, Damiyah Hilton, Taylor Thompson, Zoe Henderson, Elise Silva, Peri Smith, Meghan Palmer, Huntley Swaby, Kalel Douglas, Jolie White, Ashley McClymont, and Savannah Solomon. We commend our students for working diligently to memorize their lines and routines, and give their parents a special thanks for allowing their children to perform. Kudos to the students for another great performance.

Community Service

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Our theme for the month of May was Community Service so we tasked our volunteers with writing a response to why they feel Community Service is important and how they feel it impacts their lives or others:

Dominque Coppin - 12th grade

"The significance of Community Service is the effect it has on the community as well as the individual taking part in it. Not only does community service help others to efficiently give back to the community in order to better it and the people in it, but community service teaches an individual how to remain selfless and humble."

Deborah Dormevil - 12th grade

"Community service is important because it gives you an opportunity to give back to a community that gives so much to you. When you meet new people and learn from them, it can create such a huge impact on your life and teach you things you can hold on to for a lifetime. Without even knowing it, you can impact people's lives the same way."

John Fentress - 8th grade

Community service is important because it can help the youth. Kids will learn more outside of school and gain more knowledge so they can show that they are good workers too.

Nia James - 11th grade

Community Service is important because it can teach you important values. Volunteering with CYCSI has shown me how to develop a good work ethic. Also, it can teach you to give back out of the kindness in your heart.

Benny Nonato - 12th grade

Community service is crucial for experience and building up the relationship with our community. By serving the community, we not only improve our character but also help the people around us.

Thomas Pearson - 12th grade

Community service is important because it helps the community turn into a better place. Community service impacts people's lives in positive ways which help people develop throughout their life. In my opinion, I think everybody should do community service once in your life.

Joel Seenarine - 11th grade

Community service is important because it allows us to learn about the new generation. It is also important because we have a chance to give back to the community we love. The things we love about our community help us understand how people operate around us.

Aiesha Williams - 12th grade

Community service is a huge opportunity for society and its people to benefit. Individuals are able to gain experience and knowledge of the work environment. Also, you can receive skills that can last a lifetime.

Sherique Murray - 10th grade

I feel that community service is important because it gives volunteers a chance to help make our community a better place. Community service impacts the lives of everyone because it lets us learn about and bond with the people around us.

Birthday Celebration

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CYCSI sends a special shout out to all the students whose birthdays were in May and June. Happy Birthday and we wish you many more!!!!

Save the Arts Poem by Sherique Murray

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If you don’t know how to say the words in your head

But you're able to form what no one's ever said

It can inspire,

Lighting a fire,

All can admire,

That's why it's dire

When art’s in danger of those who misunderstand just how far its influence has spanned.

Every picture tells a tale,

Every song tells a story,

Every dance wants to do more than regale,

And we don't make them for simple glory.

Why should we put the paintbrushes away?

Why should we now disregard the ballet?

Why should we keep talented minds at bay?

Expression after depression,

Imagination takes flight.

The things we humans can convey,

An open canvas in sight.

Anybody can create as long as passion is there,

So nobody should ever believe that talent is rare.

Inside you and me is where it can be found.

The arts are important, let’s keep them around.

Save the Arts

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On June 25th, 2018, we partnered with Queens Council on The Arts to sponsor a Save the Arts presentation to bring awareness to the importance of the Arts due to the current administration proposal of drastic cut to the Arts budget. Additionally, various performances and exhibits that our students worked on in their selective clubs were showcased. Every Friday our Activity Specialists work closely with students to enrich them with knowledge on a specific subject area, where they look to both learn and eventually display their efforts. Our exhibits included Art, Engineering, and Computer Science and Technology Clubs. Our show included:

  • The Pledge of Allegiance by the PS176 Girl Scouts
  • A performance by Step Club
  • Body by Denise Let's Do It
  • "I Believe" a Jazz/Hip Hop dance by the 2nd club of Dance
  • "You Raise Me Up" by Music Club
  • Presentation to Mrs. Bartlett
  • "Real in Rio" a Samba Jazz Fusion dance by the 1st club of Dance
  • Save the Arts Poem written by Sherique Murray
  • "Something Inside So Strong" by Music Club
  • Save the Arts Video
  • Save the Arts Finale- "They Don't Really Care About Us" a contemporary fusion performance
Thanks to all the parents who allowed their children to perform and attended the Event to support them. This program simply wouldn't be great without our talented young minds. We are appreciative of all staff, students, teachers, and parents and look forward to seeing you all Summer 2018.
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