Video Games in Education

Jennifer James

Research reveals a correlation in playing video games and the ability to learn.

Gaming is defined as a type of play where participants need to follow a defined set of rules.

Librarian's Role in the Use of Video Games in Education
While the jury is still out if video games should be in education the role of the librarian would vary in how they would support the resource. Libraries are a source for information and while we move into the 21st Century libraries and librarians are also the key to the access to a lot of the new technology. Thus allowing students to have access to video games that support common core learning. Librarians would be the ones who are consulted in the purchasing and updating of video game materials. So staying on the edge of technology is important.

The use of video games in education and what it means for schools.
Video games provide teachers with an assessment tool with instant feedback on how well a student understand or comprehends the material being taught. Allowing teachers to make changes or customize the learning for a more personalized experience. While with Standardized Testing there is no room for modification.

Opportunities in using Video Games:
To develop an enthusiastic learner.
Promotes instantaneous decision making.
To motivate and engage students.
Enhances frontal lobe cognitive functioning which also promotes multitasking and slows age related cognitive decline.
To help students with focus, self-esteem, and memory.
Promotes social and emotional skills that emphasizes kindness and compassion.
Beneficial for students with attention disorders.

Addictive qualities.
De-prioritizing school work.
Video games are expensive and the software updates also add an extra cost.
Students who rely on games can often be secluded from real life interactions.

Key Players to Follow:
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