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April Wang's trip to China

April's journey with lung cancer

April Wang

April was born on January 8, 2003 Beijing,China. April was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was 5 years old she is now 12 years old she has experienced 7 years with lung cancer. We had tried our best to make sure she was fine and healthy. We want to give her a life she will enjoy.

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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer starts when abnormal cell growout of control in the lung. They can invade nearby tissue and form tumors. Lung Cancer can start anywhere in the lung, and affect any part of the Respiratory system.


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April's organs that are affected by her lung cancer

Organs: Lungs,Liver,Brain,Adrenal glands,Bones,and the Adjacent structure

April's Chemotherapy Treatment

A type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells
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April's Diet

April might like to eat blueberries,strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, tea, beans, cabbage, enriched grain products, kale, eggs, and grapes. These foods help lower cancer. April should avoid alcohol, sugar, and processed meats.

April's Pros and Cons for lung cancer

1.You can wear a mask for protection against air pollution
2.Many treatments can be taken
3.April grew up in China and her friends and family are there

1.There is lots of air pollution and can worsen the cancer 2nd hand smoke
2.When climbing the great wall of china shortened breath might make April pass out
3.Very crowded=shortened air

April's difficulties with taking this trip

In Beijing there is a lot of air pollution and if April accidentally inhales it her cancer could worsen and also it is very crowded there in Beijing and April could get claustrophobic and run out of air.While April is climbing the great wall of china she could run out of air and pass out.

April's type of travel

Ship because it's good for April to smell and breathe fresh air so nothing affects her lungs.
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April's accomodations

Hotel because in hotels they always make sure to inspect each room and make sure it's safe for everyone.
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April's Precautions

Making sure to take all medications daily and go to the hospital there for checkups