Editorial illustrator

The New York Times (for example)

Job Description

Work with the art director to create visually interesting concepts for articles in the Op-Ed, The Sunday Review, Book Review, The Opinionator blog, or another section of The New York Times. Stories requiring illustration (as opposed to photography) will tend to examine or critique a set of ideas, principles, or beliefs.* Illustrations will serve as a visual reference for the reader. An illustrator whose work is commissioned for one of our pieces will go through a creative brief with the art director and team, develop several rough sketches based on the creative brief by an agreed upon deadline, make changes and edits as the art director deems necessary, and will submit final artwork by an agreed upon deadline. Except for Book Review and Blog sections, most final illustrations should be done in black and white.

*Found some info from this interview/article: http://www.printmag.com/article/art-directors-and-illustrators/

Experience or Education Required

Associate's or Bachelor's degree in illustration is preferred, but not required. A professional portfolio showcasing the illustrator's style, skill, and experience is required. Experience in use of graphic imaging software is also a necessity. A proven track record of working successfully with other editorial art directors will also be considered. Important skills include critical thinking, problem solving, time management, active listening, and professionalism in communicating with art directors or clients.

Salary and Location

Salary is determined by level of skill and experience, ranging from $25,000 for entry-level to approximately $42,000 on average for mid-level editorial illustrators, and about $67,000 for those with a high level of experience. This position is located in New York City. Other opportunities exist in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, The U.K., and Canada.

Professional Organizations or Groups

Professional Organizations that an editorial illustrator might belong to include The Association of Illustrators, The Society of Illustrators, The Graphic Artist's Guild, AIGA, which is the professional association for design, and The National Cartoonists Society.