School Library Month

April 2014

Did You Know...

  • School librarians are certified teachers.
  • School librarians are required to have a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science.
  • School librarians are familiar with a very wide range of literature that includes Early Childhood to Adults.
  • School Librarians are members of state and national professional organizations sponsoring national information, technology and media standards.
  • School Librarians have always embraced changes in technology and have been some of the earliest users of new technology in their schools and personal lives.
  • School Librarians adopted 21st Century Learning Standards years before Common Core standards were accepted.

School Librarians in Newberry County

  • 6,050 students are helped daily by just 13 Newberry County School Librarians.
  • NCSD Librarians teach research and technology use, assist students in selecting appropriate reading materials, and provide environments for students to study, learn and create.
  • 113,710 books are overseen by NCSD School Librarians, who also administer library programs, maintain budgets, produce morning news shows, oversee student assistants, research and purchase new materials and titles for their library collections, attend district professional development, provide school-wide technology assistance, orchestrate and run book fairs, and much more.
  • Newberry County School District Librarians have 100% membership in the South Carolina Association of School Librarians.