Louis Armstrong

By: Gabby Peters

Date of Birth

Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What He is Known For

Louis Armstrong was best known for his unique singing and trumpet playing style. Some of his most famous songs are "La Via En Rose" and "What a Wonderful World". After marrying Daisy Parker, Armstrong joined many successful bands as his music career continued to grow. His mentor, King Oliver, invited Louis to play as second cornet in his Creole jazz band. Armstrong's popularity grew and grew and even today, Louis Armstrong is remembered as one of the most influential artists in jazz history.

3 Adjectives to Describe Him

Three adjectives that I would use to describe Louis Armstrong are charismatic, unique, and influential.

Interesting Fact

Some of Louis's nicknames were "Satchmo", "Pops", and "Ambassador Satch".

3 Struggles

One struggle he faced was growing up in a poor home. he worked his way up, though. Another struggle that Armstrong faced during his life was being sent to the Colored Waif's Home for Boys. He was sent there after being arrested for shooting a gun into the air. There, at the home, he was introduced to the cornet and fell in love with music. That struggle practically started his career, but the next one was a bit harder to overcome. Heart and kidney problems forced him to stop performing in 1969.

Date of Death

Louis Armstrong died from a heart attack on July 6, 1971.

How His Life Impacted the World

Louis Armstrong helped people to think outside the box when playing jazz.