7th Grade Distance Learning

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Virtual Learning will take place Monday-Friday.

All students should be logging in to their Gmail, Google Classroom, and Clever DAILY. The students will need to login using their school email address or they will not have access to the materials needed. They will not be able to access Google Classroom with their personal email addresses. Please have your student log into Google Classroom to access their lists and assignments. Parents have access to the weekly lesson plans HERE or following the button below.

Students if you are interested in ASB Leadership next year please fill out the leadership form! Contact Mrs. Wilson at lwilson@eesd.net with any questions!


Student Clever - the one stop shop for student access to Google Classroom, iReady, Gmail, and Many of the school resources.

Student Gmail Account - if you have more than one user logged into gmail you may need to switch accounts to access Google Classroom or Gmail for your specific student.

Chrome Browser - Having trouble accessing bookmarks or Clever. This is a How To Video to make sure you are completely logged into your Chrome Browser if you are accessing Chrome from a device other than your school issued Chromebook.

How to download and access Zoom - office hours will be held using Zoom.

Google Slides - if you are on a tablet or smartphone and find you are having trouble interacting with the slides to drag or type. Download the Google Slides app from your App Store and login with your school google account to interact with the slides.

Kami - Kami is a platform that allows students to interact with their assignments. If you are accessing a Kami assignment using a Mac you may need to click the square with an arrow in the top right corner and open the assignment in a new window. It is pre-loaded as an extension for students but if you need to install it on another device here is how.

Enrichment Packets - at this time we do not have a drop off date designated. Mrs. Eoff (History) is asking to submit certain photos during her distance learning, and this will be done in google classroom. For English and Math please email photos of completed packets to Mrs. Litts (English) and Mrs. Kunde (Math).

Technology or Chromebook Issues - please contact our technology department at help@eesd.net. We also recommend CCing at least your homeroom teacher so they are also aware.

Grading - Students will see assignments being "returned" in classroom after being submitted. Think of this as turning in an assignment in class, it gets graded and then returned. :) When we return it, it means we have seen it and we need to return it so we can easily see when others complete the assignment. Grades of google classroom assignments will also show up in PowerSchool. If the assignment is marked with a missing indicator in PowerSchool it means the student has not turned it in. Students be sure to click the "turn in" button for your assignment so it comes up in our teacher cue to grade.

Will there be letter grades on the T3 Report Card? There WILL BE LETTER GRADES! We have heard some untrue rumors so we want to make sure your children are being diligent about the online Distance Learning Curriculum programs.

Can my child make up late work? Your child can make up any missing or incomplete assignments even if it was before the COVID Crisis.

Do we have to participate in Distance Learning? Distance learning is mandatory unless you have contacted us letting us know you are unable to do distance learning for a specific reason. Please contact us if you are still having issues with anything regarding logging on or devices you need. We will direct you to where you need to be.

Where do I find assignments ? All distance learning work is in Google Classroom and it is recommended that Attendance Questions and Assignments are completed and TURNED IN, daily. If a student doesn't turn in an assignment it doesn't show up for us to grade so it will be missing in powerschool.

Are there resources regarding 7th grade classrooms and BC School? These newsletters are great sources for families. Find this information weekly here on Smore and in the weekly newsletter sent out from Mrs. Croes.


Office Hours: All teachers are available throughout regular working hours during the week as usual for email communication. Email and Google Classroom are the recommended forms of communication as they are easily accessible for both parties. However, each core teacher will also have virtual drop-in office hours. A time for students to ask specific questions and get live help from their teacher.

*The links for virtual office hour access will be found in Google Classroom*

History Drop-In Office Hours: 11:30-12:15 Tuesday and Thursday

English Drop-In Office Hours: 1:30-2:15 Tuesday & Thursday

Math Drop-In Office Hours: 1:30-2:15 Monday & Wednesday


If you need ANY help or have questions or concerns, PLEASE contact your child's teacher. This is uncharted territory for us all and we are all doing the best we can to serve our students from a distance and meet everyone's needs. Thank you for your patience and grace and we wish you and your family well!

Tips for Extended Learning at Home

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7th Grade Weekly Plans Folder

Please click button above for access to a folder that will hold Distance Learning Plans for all CORE Subjects for each week. You may want to print this out and put it up at home to refer to for the week.