Mercury (Hg)

By: Micah J. NImon

History of Mercury

Mercury has been known about since ancient times and its place and exact date of discovery is not known but is believed to be around 2000 B.C. by the chinese and hindus. Its been used in almalgams since around 500 B.C.

Uses of Mercury

Mercury is used in gas, liquid, and even solid forms. It is used in fluorescent lights in gas form and in position dependent switches at liquid form. The solid form was used in ancient tombs of the Chinese people which proved to be very deadly..

The Good, The bad, and the unfortunate uses of mercury.

The "Stats" of Mercury

Atomic Mass: 80

Atomic Radius in picometers (pm): 171pm

Density: 13.524 g/cc

Melting Point: -38.83°C

Boiling Point: 356.73°C

At room temperature (22°C), this element is a Liquid

Appearance: shiny silver looking liquid

Conductivity: Conductive at low levels (Electronegativity: 2.0)