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enjoy the delicious food which is only valid for 2 days

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Eat the mouth-watering pasta and enjoy with your family & friends
original price: Rs.200
discount: 35%
selling price: Rs.130

now eat the delicious pasta at Rs.130 instead of Rs.200
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Try out this yummy cheese pizza
original price: Rs.300
discount: 25%
selling price: Rs.225

Just enjoy our pizza in variety of tastes
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Have a fun-filled day with this cheesy burger
original price: Rs.250
discount: 40%
selling price: Rs.150

Enjoy eating this burger in Rs.150 instead of Rs.250
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french fries

eat and enjoy this french fries with everyone
original price: Rs.130
discount: 30%
selling price: Rs:91

eat it and you will have a good day for sure
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garlic bread

Have a tasty day in your life by eating the finger-licking garlic bread
original price: Rs. 150
discount: 50%
selling price: Rs.75

Love this day of your life