Lewis and Clark

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All About Lewis

Have you ever heard of Lewis and Clark? If you you have, than good, but if you haven’t than that's why I’m here. Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18, 1774 in Virginia. He got his name from his mom Lucy Meriwether. Lewis never got to know his father because he died in the war when Lewis was a boy. Lewis was the second child of three. He had a brother named Reuben and a sister named Jane. His family was wealthy. In the year 1782 Lewis moved to the Georgia Frontier. Lewis also learned to read in Georgia. In Georgia, his mother Lucy remarried to a man named John Mark. When Lewis turned 13 he returned to Virginia so that he could manage his family’s plantation. When Lewis turned 20 he joined the militia and later the Army. From 1779-1798 Lewis was a captain in the U.S. Army. He also had a dog named Seaman. The president at that time was Thomas Jefferson. When Jefferson signed the Louisiana Purchase, he personally picked Meriwether Lewis to be the leader of the Corps of Discovery. This group of men would go on to explore the west.

All about Clark

William Clark was born on August 4, 1770. Clark had 6 brothers and 4 sisters. His family came from a group of warriors. The Revolutionary War had started when Clark was only a boy. When Clark was little he never learned how to spell. Clark and his family were wealthy too. His brothers were active in the Continental War. Another one of Clark’s older brothers named Jonathan was mayor at that time. Meriwether Lewis asked Clark to join him and the Corps of Discovery. His job on the expedition was to make maps of the land.


Lewis and Clark were famous for many reasons. First, is that they lead an expedition through the West. Since the United States did not know how big the West was, Lewis and Clark gathered a team of 31 men and a Dog named Seaman to explore it. The Corps of Discovery came in contact with many indian tribes. Most of the meetings with the indians were friendly, but some like their meetings with the Teton Sioux were not so friendly. In October the expedition reached the Hidatsa Indians in North Dakota. Winter eventually came so they decided to stay there and build a fort near by. The Corps of Discovery were running out of food, so a lot of men and horses almost starved to death. Lewis and Clark were gone for 18 months with the Corps of Discovery. The Expedition started in May 21,1804 and ended in September 23,1806.

Lewis and Clark character traits

Lewis and Clark were men with many personality traits. The first one is that they were adventurous because they chose to lead an expedition all the a way to the other side of the world. They were also adventurous because they climbed the cold and snow covered mountains.

Another one is brave because they led an expedition through the unknown land with barely any food or water. They are also brave because they were willing to go to different indian tribes,not knowing if they were going to attack or not.

Lewis and Clark were also hard workers because they made maps studied animals and plants that live in Oregon. They are also hard workers because even when they were climbing the mountains they never gave up.


In conclusion the journey was a success. So the country they now call Oregon is a home to many people. A lot of things happened because of their journey they made a lot friends with different indian tribes they were also able to study and record a lot of plant and animal life in Oregon. They also made path called the Oregon trail. Thanks for reading.