#lmulibrary in Social Media

Highlights from Twitter & Instagram

Check out what our users are saying about the library on social media!

We search various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc.) to see what our users are saying about the library (and sharing with their friends!). We've included some of the highlights from last year to kick off COWG's new newsletter!

This newsletter will go out to library staff regularly throughout the year to keep everyone informed on our social media happenings.

Generally, our users have really great stuff to say about us!

But there are some problems...

We got to see some of the cool and interesting ways students were using our space.

User-generated library tips!

We had a cool #protip contest, in which users posted some of their library tips to share with other users. (We have a feeling that many of the participants of this contest were student workers - or really dedicated library users!)

And there were some more problems...

Odds and ends.

And we're still awesome.

For more...

Check out all of the tweets and photos regarding the library from the 2012-2013!