In this part of then industry you will be required to work with different actors, actresses and other members of the team from all different types of backgrounds. This could mean having to deal with the whole production of the projects you will be doing as well as making big decisions on how the whole thing is going to go. Most of the productions you will be doing will be your choice and ou will have full responsibility.


Your salary will also be based on how long you have been in the industry. You will be trusted that you have experience and because you have been in the industry before you will be trusted to know what type of job you have to do for the work to be done. Your salary will be £53,000 - £64,000 a year depending on experience and what your qualifications are.

What skills you may need

For this job you will be required to work with a team of designers, makeup artists and anyone to make the production you are making, successful. You will have to be organised, trustworthy and very secretive for the job to be done. The actors and actresses you employ must be able to work professionally and be on time, you will be required to keep them on track for the production you are making.

Days of work

You will be insisted to work 5 days a week. Monday - Friday at 9 till 5. You can also apply for working overtime if you wish which will be discussed at your interview.

Any further inquiry or questions ask a member of our team at the day of the interview you will be assigned to.