Valentino Garavani

By: Janelle Smith

Personal Statistics

- Born in Voghera, Lombardy, Italy on May 11, 1932.

- Went to the School of Fine Arts and The Hose of Haute Couture in Paris.

- Left Paris in 1959 to open a fashion house in Rome.

- Met Ginarcarlo Giammetti in Rome and Giammetti being an architecture student, they became partners professionally and romantically.

- They sold their company (Valentino SpA) in 1998 to the Italian conglomerate HdP for approximately $300 million.

- In 2002, HdP sold the Valentino brand to Marzotto Apparel.

- In 2007. Valentino anounced that his final haute couture show would be held on January of the following year at the Musee Rodin in Paris.

Use of color, etc.

- He frequently uses the color red but also uses bright solid colors.

- Thin fabrics and ruffles.

- He uses A line, bodycon, block, etc. silhouettes.

- Uses sheath and fitted styles to bring out the curves in women.

- He uses accessories to make things pop and compliment his pieces such as bags, shoes, etc.

Awards/Famous For...

- Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in 1967.

- The Italian Highest Officials award.

- Famous for his red dresses and became known as "Valentino red."

Price Range/Other Products

- His prices run from about $100-$60,000 depending on the product.

- He makes suits, shoes, purses, etc.

3 Important Details

- Valentino loved dogs. he owned 6 pugs.

- His exhibition called "Valentino: 30 Years of Magic" was held in Rome in 1991.

- His documentary " Valentino: the Last Emperor" came out in 2008.