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First Semester Wrap Up!!

Goodbye, 2015!

WE MADE IT!!! Congratulations, you have arrived at Christmas break!! You have faithfully taught your children at home for 12 weeks, and can now enjoy a much needed Christmas vacation!!

The strangest thing happened to us on Thursday - the girls ASKED to do school work. Weird, I know. They were kind of bored, and I had been busy cleaning, cooking, and preparing for something. I had been sending them off to either do chores or go play, and they finally said, "Can't we do some math? Do I get my next reading lesson yet? If I go get the books, can we do it?" Now - believe me when I say that it has taken Abby 4 years to say this :-D But, it is a reflection of what can happen in our kid's hearts when WE have a good attitude about school, and treat it as a blessing from the Lord. When our daily perspective is excitement to be with our kids, and wonder at the new things they get to learn - eventually, it will rub off on them and they will start to think of school as a fun time to spend with Mommy. Don't think for a minute that our days at home are all sunshine!! We definitely have weeks where tears happen on more days than not. But in the big picture of the kid's school 'career', when learning is engaging and fun, they will start to look on school as something to look forward to each day.

With break beginning, you may be wondering what you 'should' still be doing for school. There is no right answer! Everyone needs a break, and I don't think any of you are the type to work right up until Christmas Day! (at least I hope not!) But, if you are trying to keep up (for instance) with Math lessons, so you can finish the book by the end of the year, maybe consider rearranging your day to make it special. Here are a few ideas to make it fun, if you still want to get some schoolwork done over the break:

  • Math in the kitchen with hot chocolate instead of the school room
  • Reading on the couch with a only a flashlight and the Christmas lights on, and instrumental Christmas music playing
  • Spelling mom's grocery list for Christmas dinner (even if you just dictate the spelling)
  • Handwriting on Christmas Cards or Gift tags
  • If your student has a favorite subject, maybe work through 3 lessons in one day and 'skip' the other subjects that day - they love skipping school!

If there is one thing that homeschooling gives us, it's the freedom to tailor our days to ourselves and our kids. If you need to completely take off the next 3 weeks and just be at home preparing for the holidays, that is also perfectly OK!! I have never done school through CC break, although I know that I'll need to as they get older. Enjoy the time now while they are young and you can get away with it!!

For Week 13:

I will be sure to send out our assignments for Week 13 in January!

Classical Chat #5

Classical Chats #5: "But my student is ahead (or behind) in that!"

Community Announcements:

  • I'm looking for tutors and subs for next year! Please consider whether you'd be willing to serve as a tutor next year - it's a (lightly) paid position! I've put an event on our calendar for January 18th, 8pm for appetizers and chatting. If you are interested in tutoring, put it on your calendar now so you don't forget after New Years!
  • Re-enrollment will begin in January when we come back for week 13. Only the registration fees will be due then, so it shouldn't be too hard right after Christmas. ($85 for the first child, $55 for others) In February, I'll open enrollment to the public, so talk with your family about how school is going this year, and whether you'll want to continue with Classical Conversations next fall! We will offer both Foundations and Essentials (age 9-11) classes next year. PLEASE NOTE: If you will be enrolling your child in Essentials, the SAME enrollment fees apply for that class as well. IE - a single child will have both a Foundations AND an Essentials registration fee due.

Encouraging Article:

Upcoming Events:

Dec 18, 25 & Jan 1: Christmas Break!!!

Fri, Jan 8: Week 13 (please make sure you've marked this on your calendar!)

Mon, Jan 11: Mom's Coffee Night, Kenmore Starbucks

Week 12 Specific Links:

Online Extras: (use judgment for your own children)

Cat in The Hat - S1:E24 - Plant needs

YouTube - How Smell Affects Taste (this one isn't so good... you'll get links to more on the sidebar!)