Nancy Clutter

Sarah, Charline, Carrigan, and Jenna

Background Information

Nancy Mae Clutter was born on January 2, 1943.

She instructed younger girls in town on sewing and cooking and tutored them with their school work.

Nancy had a horse named Babe.

She was dating a local boy in town, Bobby Rupp.

Nancy represented the school in many scholastic meets, and she had won many blue ribbons in the 4-H Club, where Nancy and Kenyon had been members since they were 6 years old.

Nancy was very talented at the piano and the clarinet.


"lean and boysihly agile"

She had short bobbed, shining chesnut hair and a "soap-polished complexion".

She had freckles and her eyes were dark and wide apart.

How Capote Uses Nancy to Accomplish His Purpose

He descirbes Nancy as down to earth. A lovable girl that everyone liked, She possessed many talents and used them to better her and others around her.