Week of March 31, 2014

In room 34


Unit 5 Week 2

The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin


scent, trade, blooming, muscles, prickly, aroma


I vs. me

we vs. us

Ponoun I


Closed Syllables (again): A closed syllable has one and only one vowel, and it ends in a consonant. Examples include in, napkin, truck, little, on

Reading Strategy and Skill


Identify Sequence of Events

High-frequency words




Read Aloud

Biographies of famous people throughout history


Solid Figures

Continue with subtraction strategies

Social Studies


Governing the People


I have sent home a sheet called "Home-School Connection". This has a few activities related to our language arts concepts for the week. Don't worry about returning this but use it as you see fit for you and your child.

You will also find a yellow half sheet titled "Adulthood". Please have your student take notes for his/her biography report on this half sheet. I am keeping the completed biography notes here in the classroom. The student will use these notes to write their rough draft during class. Then they will take these rough draft paragraphs home to type.

For math I have sent home a packet of tangram activities. Please help them complete the tangrams and return them to me on Friday. They may also complete lesson 13.1 and 13.2 in the practice book, but the practice book pages are not required.

Last week I asked that the students begin gathering items at home that are in the shape of solid figures such as cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, tissue boxes etc. I would like the students to use the following two weeks to begin constructing a robot out of these household items. Be creative, use items you have laying around the house instead of going out an buying anything. On Friday April 18, the students need to bring in their "Solid Figure Robots" We will share our Robots and do a little math activity.

Biography sign ups. Please visit the wiki for details and directions.


Upcoming Events

Love and Logic

Wednesday, April 2nd 5:30-7pm Upper Media Center!

Friday Assembly

Our second graders will be singing at our Friday Assembly this week!

Spring Break

April 7-11

Open House

May 29th 5:30pm