5th Grade Update

Beginning Leadership with Jim Wiltens

October 12, 2017

On Friday, the 5th Grade completed their second of four Beginning Leadership lessons with the fabulous Jim Wiltens. The students remain captivated by this modern Indiana Jones and his amazing adventures. The 2-hour sessions seems to fly by.

The students finished working on becoming a PEGSS master today. This is a technique for improving their self-esteem; self-esteem is of three components of leadership. The other two are attitude and goals. Students were taught to focus on their posture (P), eye contact (E), gestures (G), smile (S) and sound (S). We will be (and already have been) working on some of this in class. As part of our morning greeting, we already make eye contact and smile. From now on, we will be asking for "Blackbelt" applause (proper gesture) as well as a "Level 7" sound or voice when answering a question or talking to the class.

There is much more to come including avoiding the T'NACI Monster and "um" and "like!"

The "T'NACI" Monster is Unveiled!

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Bobby Learns About "I Choose To..."

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