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MP4 Week 5

Sorry for the delay!

I had this assignment posted for your group Monday, but the moodle grouping function did not open it to be viewable as a page assignment, which I just realized! Well, Ben realized it! Thanks Ben! So, I had to switch it to an assignment assignment! Please just type in the moodle submission box whether or not you were able to successfully download and install Python. Directions below!

Thank you!

See you in cyberspace on Friday!

~Mrs. Suski

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Why Python?

Because it's Awesome!

Python is an easy to learn programming language!

You can use it to create web apps, games, even a search engine!

Python makes it very easy for you to use because it comes bundled with IDLE.

Writing "Hello World" in C++: Not as user-friendly!

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Writing "Hello Word" in Python: Very user-friendly!

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Click Here: Writing "Hello World" in Multiple Languages

Programming languages differ by how they tell a computer to say "Hello World"

Downloading and Installing Python

Before you can use the Python Programming Language you need to install it!
  1. go to: http://www.python.org
  2. Click on the latest version of Python for Windows, beginning with the number 3 (near top of list)
  3. Install: the installer file will automatically download. When it finishes double-click it to install Python. Choose "install for all users" and click "next" at each prompt without changing the default settings.
  4. Run IDLE: Now check that the program installed correctly. Open the windows "start" menu, click on "all programs", "Python", and then choose "IDLE."
  5. A Python window opens! You can now start coding! Just type into the window after the the angle brackets (>>>).
  6. We'll be coding a program together in Python in chat and running it in Scratch!

Try it! Make Your Computer Say "Hello World!"

  1. Open IDLE (the shell window opens)
  2. Click the "file" menu and choose "new file" (this opens the code window)
  3. In the new blank code window type: print ('Hello World!')
  4. Make sure you used single quotation marks!
  5. Save the code: click "file", "save as", name it HelloWorld, and "save."
  6. Click the "run" menu and select "run module." (this will run the program in the shell window)
  7. Output: look in the shell window. The "Hello World" message should appear when the program runs! You've just created your first bit of code in Python!
*Remember: a code that is not saved won't run!

*If a pop-up window appears with a SyntaxError message it often means there is a spelling mistake or typing error in the code.

Moodle Message Me if You Have Any Problems!

See you in Cyberspace!