Mrs. Erwin's 5th Grade Class

Rm 343

Contact Information

School Time: 7:50-3:05

Conference Time: 12:20-1:05

Early Release Hours: 7:50-11:50

3 Simple Rules

Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe

First Nine Weeks Overview

During the first nine weeks, we will be studying non-fiction, comprehension, and text features.

Reading: Non-Fiction

  • Read and comprehend informational texts

  • Establish Purpose for Reading

  • Monitor Comprehension

  • Ask questions of text.

  • Make inferences and draw conclusions using text evidence.

  • Use text features

  • Understand & analyze organization of non-fiction texts.

  • Summarize text.

  • Identify main idea & supporting details.

  • Use dictionary, glossary, and thesaurus as a resource.

  • Use context clues to determine word meaning

TEKS: 5.2B,E; 5.7; 5.9; 5.10; 5.11A,C,D; 5.13B, 5.Fig19A,B,C,D,E


  • Compound Sentences

  • Subject-Verb Agreement

  • Complete Subject and Predicate

  • Organize, draft, revise, and edit essays with multiple paragraphs in response to text.

TEKS: 5.15A,B,D,E; 5.18Ai,ii,iii,iv,C; 5.20Ai,B,C; 5.21Ai,ii,iii


  • (We will start spelling in the spring)

  • Collective Nouns

  • Verbs : Irregular

  • Verbs: Active vs Passive Voice

  • Adverbs

  • Prepositions & Prepositional Phrases

  • Italics and Underlining for titles and emphasis

  • Commas in Compound Sentences

TEKS: 5.20Ai,ii,iv,v; 5.21Bi,C


My Schedule:

7:50-8:00 Homeroom

8:00-8:45 1st period; ELAR (Erwin)

8:45-9:30 2nd period; Intervention

9:30-10:15 3rd period; ELAR (Erwin)

10:15-10:50 4th period; ELAR (Woodruff)

10:50-11:20 lunch

11:20-11:35 4th period; ELAR (Woodruff)

11:35-12:20 5th period; ELAR (Woodruff)

12:20-1:05 6th Period: Conference Period

1:05-1:50 7th Period: ELAR (Cruz)

1:50-2:35 8th Period: ELAR (Cruz)

2:35-2:50 Recess

2:50-3:05 Dear(Drop Everything And Read):

3:05-3:10 Dismissal


Students will be responsible for learning Academic Vocabulary words directly related to our lessons. The words are divided by nine week grading cycles. At the end of each nine weeks, students will take a comprehensive test over the words for that particular grading cycle. Please encourage your child to study these words for at least 5 minutes two times per week (we will also go over these words in class).

Accelerated Reader (AR)

AR goal dates:

1st nine weeks: October 18th @ 3 pm
2nd nine weeks: December 20th @ 3 pm
3rd nine weeks: March 7th @ 3 pm
4th nine weeks: May 9th @ 3 pm

AR Incentive

As an effort to increase reading stamina and help motivate our students to read, the Language Arts department has implemented a reading incentive for the 2016-2017 school year. Students will have the opportunity to attend an extra bowling field trip if they meet their AR goal requirements this year. In order to be eligible for the AR field trip, students must meet their AR goal ALL four of the grading cycles. This is a challenging but attainable goal for all students. Please go over this incentive with your child, and encourage them to meet their goals every grading cycle. Our hope is that all students will be in attendance in May!

Daily Agendas

Agendas are used as a form of communication between home and school. Please check and sign them each night to keep track of homework, important news, events, and to receive notes specific to your child.