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Nate Balor for President

Vote for Nate. He is going to help the country.Nate is a very good guy. He will stop pollution, he will fix the economy, and he will stop violence in the U.S. He will fix the economy by doing Constitutional actions in the size and the authority of the government. He will fix violence by making sure you citizens are safe and bring criminals to justice. We shall give the criminal it's punishment and make you innocent. He will fix pollution by making sure that the people or things that cause pollution will stop. If not, they will get their punishment. Vote for Nate, he will be a great president!

Why to Vote For Nate in the America First Party

This is why to vote for Nate

Nate is trustworthy. He will put you first, as he has pledged to. He cares about you and the country. He will work hard for you. He has excellent experience in being president. He is brave and he knows what to do. He is nice and wonderful. Vote for Nate for the America First Party!