Northern Marian islands


They have volcanoes and a couple of the islands are volcanoes.

They have two plateaus the Peak plateau and the truncated plateau.

Their mountain ranges are submerged.

And the only plain is the lito plain.


Their climate is tropical marine. With moderate winds and little change in temperature in the seasons change. The dry season is December to June and the wet season is from July to October.

Plants and animals

Plants: vascular plants,the tree fern cyathean,

Animals: fruit dove,titian monarch,white-eyed zosterops,golden zosterops,

Natural resources

Arable land and fishing


The northern Marian islands were a small set of islands just of the coast of the Philippines. They had few inhabitants. During World War Two the Japanese used them. After World War Two they became a UN trusteeship and were considered part of the United States. In the recent years Saipan (the main island) has been taking advantage of Asian immigrants paying low wages in the factories.

People and Languages

The people are similar to Spanish people.

The languages spoken are English,caoralinina,charrmo

Land use

A small bit of land is used for agriculture.

A lot of the land is arable or covered with forest.

Religion and education

Religion: Christianity,Buddhism,agnostic,Islam.

Education: their education system is basically the same as the United States.

Traditions,customs,and food

Traditions: they have many Spanish traditions like San Fermin,tomatina,and bullfighting.

Customs: men have shaved heads, men also go out and work while women stay at home.

Food: they have mainly Spanish food.

Current issues

Landfills,endangered species,acid rain,aerosol.