Winter is coming

Thanksgiving Break

We won't be here for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and we will be back to school Monday, November 30th.

Book it

Book it is this month. So try to get your child to read to go to a pizza party at the end of the month.


We are doing fractions in math class and we must say it's going really well. We still are doing homework so please remind them that if you don't you will lose your iPad.
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Snack time

Please tell your kids to bring snack. Mr.Fama and Mrs. Wax have been telling everybody that they need to bring there snack. They have gone though so many bags just to feed them a small snack.
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About us

Aby and Isaiah made this I'm aby and I love to write and read I also love hanging out with my friends . I'm Isaiah and I love to play football and do math I also like hanging with my friends. Thanks for reading our s'more.
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