Treasures From a loom

Wrap yourself in a Treasure

By Annie M.

My fabulous treasures

These are the types of bracelets and their cost; Singles are $0.25, Double singles are $0.45, Fishtails and Double single singles are $0.50, Triple singles are $0.75, Starbursts $0.99, Charms are $1.00

They are so Beautiful

Guess what, a little fun fact is that these fabulous bracelets are Water proof and you can wear them wherever you want.

My Location!!!!!!

If you want to know where I am I'm in the third grade hallway in the last room at the end of the hall in Mrs. Springer's room.

It's opening time

The date of when we do market day is April 15, 2016.

it's awesome !!!!!!!

So If you like style and creative things than this is the best thing for you I hope you come by and by a thing or two.