Born Standing Up

By: Steve martin


Born Standing up is a biography of Steve Martins life thats narrated by Martin himself.
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Born Standing UP starts off at the very beginning, where Steve was born, in Waco Texas on August 14, 1945. When Martin was 5 his family moved to Inglewood California where he spent his childhood. Throughout the biography it reflects on Martins great accomplishments in show biz from a first person view. Some of these achievements include when he got his first job writing for the Sunny and Cher show of which he got an Oscar for.

Kind of Reader

I think that most everyone would enjoy this book for the sole reason that its written by a comedian and there are quite a few good laughs in it. But if i had to narrow it down to a type of person id say it would gravitate towards humorous people who like to laugh.

Why Did I Like It?

I personally love to watch and listen to comedy and even write it. I think that the mutual interest of comedy between me and the writer is what made this book interesting to read. -One of my favorite books yet.