ST. Isaac Jogues

by: Chi-chi Igwe, Andrew Sullivan, Stephen Mazzoni

" The North American Martyr"

St. Isaac was born in Orleans, France on January 10, 1607. He was first assigned to be a missionary to the native peoples of Canada, also known as New France .In 1636 he went to Quebec, Canada as a missionary to Native Americans. St. Isaac known as “The indomitable one” to the Mohawk Indians was a young Jesuit. He made his decision to become a Jesuit at the age of 17. He then was kidnapped by the Iroquois and tortured in 1642. He was then saved by the Dutch, in Albany, New York. The following spring on September 24, 1664 he went back to Quebec and made peace with his tortures.

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On June 29, 1930 he and other martyrs were canonized. He and his 7 other martyr companions or “The North American Martyrs, “who travel with him all the way to Quebec Canada with him from Europe all share the feast day October 19th. On his way to make an official peace treaty with the Iroquois he was captured by the Mohawk where he was captured and killed at the young age of 39 after he had walked in to his cabin and then received a tomahawk to his head. At age of 29 he joined a small band of Jesuits at three rivers which at the time was a French trading post.

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Saints Isaac Jogues and John de Brebeuf - October 19

He got there with a small kit for masses. He was also prosecuted captured and killed by the very Indians he was preaching to! Why? Because even though st Isaac was able to make peace with them and the Hurons they felt that St. Isaac was a sorcerer and blamed him for their troubles like the famine and disease that struck them in the year of 1646.Caused by his mass kit. Isaac then went to his aunt’s house but could tell she was worried because she had also believed the rumors of his mass kit and so did his cousins, nephews, and other family members, including his mother.

St. Isaac was tortured near the city today called Albany. He was there for thirteen years for slavery. The Dutch tried to free him from slavery then finally he was free. He was sent to Canada to negotiate peace with the Iroquois. When he met the Iroquois they stripped him naked and slashed him with knives. After that he was struck by a tomahawk and got decapitated. We remember him on his feast day on October 19. He benefited the Mohawk tribe before the turned on him and killed him. The most impressive thing I learned about St. Isaac is kept his faith no matter how many times he was slashed with knives or tourchered. That is why he was canonized by Pope Pius XI on June 29, 1930.


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