1836 Canada's first Railway

Billy Ng 7-2

The railway was the most important traffic in the whole world.

In 1836, the trains starts from La Prairie and go all the way to St. John. It will takes about two hours from La Prairies all the way to St. John. The rail road is 25 km long. Rail travel is still very new to the history. People still riding trains from once side to another side of the country. This a historical significance event, because in that time train was the main transportation and there are still trains in Canada in these few years.

How many people were affected?

Most of the people that live by the Canada railway got affected, because of the noises and people talking really loud once they got off the train. Also many new guests will come.

How long did it change

A few years later, the train is going from Pacific Ocean, all the way to the Atlantic ocean. This will last forever.

The Train Carries what?

The Canada Railway carries people and resources from west to east. For example, the resources are oil, wood etc.

Other history

Another of the Canada history is the Act of Union
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