Waterfalls in Ecuador

Representative: Jaqueline Guevara

Amazing Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Ecuador are very beautiful and amazing. Nearly everywhere in and around the mountains you can find one. Most of the waterfalls can be seen from a far but some can be seen from the roads.

The highest waterfall is named San Rafael falls. It is between Baeza and Lago agrio.

Sadly this waterfall is an endangered one because of a future dam project which could cause the water flow to stop, so see and visit it while you can. For the most part this waterfall is in the top 105 most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Also in Ecuador there is a road that in between there are many cascades, there are so many that it is called "Ruta de Cascadas". The road is in between Baños and Puyos. One you can see from the road is called Manto de la Novia ( the Brides Veil). It is a double waterfall that is very pretty. You can even take a cable car to get your own up close and personal view at it.

One waterfall I thought was amazing and very beautiful is the Pailon del Diablo ( Devil's Cauldron ). For this one you would have to actually hike the mountains to get the amazing view of it.

There are many more amazing waterfalls , all are very beautiful and I encourage you to come out to Ecuador and see for yourself these amazing waterfalls.


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