Andros Barrier Reef

By: Tyler Bynum

Come and visit the tropical Andros Barrier Reef in the beautiful Bahamas. Come visit for an unforgettable time. Our island consists of 3 resorts with private beaches and many excursions available to all guests!

Below are pictures of what you can expect when visiting the Andros Barrier Reef!

Things to do

  • Snorkel the Andros Barrier Reef/ $60 per person
  • Jet Ski Rental/ $30 an hour per person
  • Deep Sea fishing/ $125 per person for day fish trip
  • Kayak Rentals/ $60 for all day use
  • Paddle boards/ $80 for all day use
and many more!


If you're worried about finding good food at a reasonable price try the many restaurant throughout the resorts serving fresh seafood at a very good price. The food will meet and excel your expectations and that is our promise.
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Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Resort is the most highly rated by the majority of our customers year after year. For just $220 a night you can stay at the resort right on the water with a great view of the reef and more.
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Crowne Plaza

The next best option rate by our customers would be the wonderful Crowne Plaza. For the cheap price of $115 a night you can stay right off the beach at the nice 4 star Crowne Plaza. The hotel does not contain everything Atlantis does but it is the next big thing.

Andros Barrier Reef Tours

Tours start just at $80 a person. The tour includes kayaks, snorkeling, paddle boards, and deep sea fishing. The tour is great for families who want to go out and enjoy the reef and its fish community. The reef contains many exotic fish that you would not be able to see anywhere else in the world.

Flight Prices

Delta/ $600

American Airlines/ $652

United/ $575