Garnishing Tool Ptoject

By Bricin Hardin

Vegetable Peeler

a kitchen tool consisting of a slotted metal blade attached to a handle that is used to remove the outer skin or peel of certain vegetables, often potatoes and carrots, and fruits such as apples, pears, etc
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a kitchen utensil for obtaining zest from lemons and other citrus fruit
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Butter Knife/Butter Cutter

Butter knife is used to slice butter

Butter cutter is to cut up butter

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Melon Baller

scoops out balls of cheese, potatoes, butter and melon
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Channel Knife

pare strips and creates thin grooves from carrots and cucumbers
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Paring Knife

used for making small cuts in fruits or vegetables
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Fluting Knife

v-cuts in melons and bell peppers
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Tournee Knife

used for cutting vegetables that are oblong and 7 sided
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Decorating Spatula

used for smoothing icing on a cake
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