Weekly Geekly

Week of December 8

What's Important This Week

Grades are Due MONDAY for the 3rd IPR Grade Send! Be certain you are following all handbook procedures with regards to numbers of grades entered and categories of grades entered.

This week is Computer Science Week! Check out these online activities you can use with your students that will teach them some programming basics. There are tutorials here for all levels! Vandeventer will be participating in the Hour of Code this week in technology classes as well as through our Hour of Code Event after school on Wednesday in the library. You can share the Hour of Code web site with your students so they can try it at home too!

Tip of the Week- Password protecting a Google Form

Wouldn't it be great if you could give a quiz via Google form but not let it be available to kids until class? Now you can set a password on the form to keep kiddos OUT! And you could even change the password after class to keep kids from going back in. Genius. Watch the video below to find out the how to. Oh, and don't forget Flubaroo for grading those pesky quizzes!
Create a Password Protected Google Form

Tool of the Week- Zaption

Turn a video into a "Learning Tour" using embedded questions. Watch teh video below to see how it works!
Zaption - Don't just watch. Learn.

Geekly Challenge! Fall Technology Reflection

Please complete the form below to give me feedback about the fall and suggestions for the spring. This is your chance to have a say in how we do things! Click below to access the form.