The Job of a President

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Presidential Requirements

  1. Must be at least 35 years old
  2. A natural born citizen
  3. Lived in the united States for at least 14 years

Presidential Perks

salary: $400,000

Benefits: Pension, Secret service protection, Reimbursements for staff, travel , mail, and office expenses.

Presidents Powers

  1. Be commander in chief of the Army and Navy when called into service. (Executive)
  2. Require the opinion of the principal officer in each executive department. (Judaical)
  3. Have power to grand reprieves and pardons. (Executive)
  4. Make treaties. (Diplomatic)
  5. Nominate and appoint ambassadors, judges of the Supreme Court and all other officers of the United States. (Executive)
  6. Fill up all vacancies during the recess of the Senate. (Judaical)
  7. Give to Congress information of the state of the union. (Diplomatic)
  8. Recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient. (Judaical)
  9. On extraordinary occasions convene both Houses, or either of them. (Executive)
  10. Receive ambassadors and other public ministers. (Diplomatic)
The most important power in my mind is his power to go to war. He could completely alter history with one executive order.
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Major issue in 2016

The president will have many issues to deal with. A possible issue that may come up is climate change. He will have to answer the question Is climate change real? If the president believes climate change is real, He will need to do something to help fix this issue. He can try to get congress to pass a law that will favor him. He can also ask Congress for money, to be put towards climate change research or other things involving climate change..

Important Presidential Traits

  1. Be able to communicate a clear and inspiring vision to his administration and the country. Communicating is a big role the president has to fill. If the president can't communicate to his people, he isn't representing us very well if he can't communicate to us.
  2. Trust between the government and the people. The people need to be able to trust the President, he is running the country we live in.
  3. Be a one-of-kind, amazing level 5 leader. Basically the president has to appear perfect or at least more perfect then us. Why would we trust someone that isn't amazing to run our country.
  4. Implement smart, measurable, attainable, results-oriented and time-bound goals that the country can support. The president needs to make actual attainable goals that they will get done in the white house.
  5. Effective and resolute decision making from all levels of his administration. A president needs to be able to make good decisions that will benefit the nation.

Roles of president

  1. Party Leader- Manages a political parties relationship with the public.
  2. Commander and Chief- Supreme command over the countries armed forces.
  3. Chief Executive- Implement and supervise the executive branch.
  4. Chief of State- The highest standing civilaian representing our country.
  5. Chief Diplomat- Is in charge of our foreign policy.
  6. Chief Legislator- Can influence Congress in lawmaking.