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What the World Would Look Like if it Was on Peace?

No one would rob a bank. No one would fight, neither we would have wars an army. Bullies would not exist in schools. Everybody would be nice to nature and people.

People would be more generous by helping people in the streets have a house, money, and poeple sick getting the right medicine.Threre wouldn't be pollution and guns.

That is what the world would look like if it was in peace.

What we learned this week

What We learned This Week

1. We learned about the UN and how it helps countries in need of supplies.Another thing we learned about the UN is that it started with 56 countries and that now it has 191.

2.We learned about the UN declaration and its 30 rights. We listed 5 rights that might not be in the UN declaration but are rights we need.

3.We learned about 9/11 and how 4 airplanes got hijacked, 2 crashed into the Twin Towers,1 on the Pentagon and another that got took back by the passengers but crashed on an empty field on Pennsylvania. A lot of people died and it is one of the hardest and sadest days in American history.

4.We learned that peace is the most important thing in the world because if the world doesn't have peace humanity would already be extinct or if we still survived the world would be super violent and intensely polluted.

Dan and Emilio

My name is Dan and I really like Legos. durring free time I play with legos, read, play video games and watcth tv .

My name is Emilio and I like soccer and Greek Mythology. During my free time I play vidoegames,read or play soccer