Celebrate Paula's 50th!

Saturday October 17, 2015 @ the DeMontes

SSShhhh...Paula's Birthday Party~

Please join us for a very special occasion! Paula Mazo is an amazing woman who has blessed so many of our lives. She has given tremendously to her family, community, and church. In addition to everything she does, it is a rarity that Paula gets to be the guest of honor- so it is even more special that we show her just how special she is!

Paula's 50th Birthday Gathering-

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 5pm

Joe & Debra DeMonte's House 1395 Marion Avenue Marion, CT. 06444

As a tribute to Paula, who goes above-and-beyond the call of duty in all that she does- we would like to have just one evening where Paula is able to enjoy time with friends and family.

At 5:00 PM on Saturday October 17th, we'll start off with snacks & drinks- we'll share dinner and some delicious cake. Please contact Jim Mazo, Karen Nickel, or Pegg Lynch if there is anything you would like to bring to supplement!

Jim Mazo: jemazo@metrocast.net

Karin Nickel: nickelkarin05@gmail.com

Pegg Lynch: malynch@plymouth.edu

RSVPs are enabled for this event.