Washington D.C

By chase ackerman

Washington D.C. is a place I would like to go. Did you know Washington D.C. is a big city. Here are some paragraphs why I what to go to Washington D.C. I want to go to Washington D.C in my lifetime. Here are 3 reasons about Washington D.C’s. culture. Here are some interesting facts, also why I want to go there.

Why I wont to go to Washington D.C.

Here are some reasons I want to go to Washington D.C. I would like to visit Washington D.C and learn about the history. It will be fun to go to the National Mall. It would be fun to explore the city. It would be fun to go see the White House and see it all. It will be fun to see Barack Obama. I never been to Washington D.C and it will be fun.


I am going to tell you about my culture reasons about Washington D.C. Washington D.C has a strong theater tradition. I think that is really cool for Washington D.C. Washington's first professional baseball team was Washington olympics who played in 1871 and 1872. I don't like olympics but it is a cool culture. In Washington the national air and space museum the second most voted musume in the world after the louvre in paris. I am not writing about paris but I am writing about Washington D.C. but that is cool. This is just about my culture fact about Washington D.C.

fun facts

This is just about my fun fact. Every easter kids gather on the white house lawn to hunt for the easter egg roll. To get the basement of the u.s capitol to the top of the capitol a person has to walk 365 steps ,one step for every day of the year.That is a lot of steps to walk. In january 1922 26 in. (66)cm of snow fell in just three days and crust the roof of a theater and,killing 98 people. That is really bad for throws people. This is why I want to go to Washington D.C.

This is coming to an end and I am not going to write to you not right now but I will get back to you. It is going to be fun to stop writing so to get more stuff in my brain. Than I might write about another state or country but it will be fun but I might write about the same state. I am going to see if I can come and write about this state again. I will be fun to go to Washington D.C. it will be fun to go to a pool in Washington D.C. and see if it is different from ours. This is what my conclusion paragraph is all about.